Getting Clients for Your Photography Business

Published on by Baby Photography

In this post we’re going to discuss how to market your photography business. In a world with tons of competition in even the most far-flung niches, you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.

Check out the following article from a well-regarded Jewish news website.

The article discusses one way a very business savvy photographer in Baltimore is helping her community and getting her name out there.

Some ladies are having a hard time in the Orthodox Jewish world finding husbands, so this photographer is offering free pictures for their dating profiles.

Doing this accomplishes two things. First, it’s genuinely giving back to your community. Second, a byproduct of this giving is positive PR, the write up she got with a nice link to her website (which is great for SEO), and the possibility of getting more potential customers for her business.

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to follow in this woman’s footsteps. Doing good things for your community helps get your name out there, build your brand, and can get you clients. Most importantly, it feels good!

Another way of getting clients is offering discounts to current clients in an attempt to garner repeat business. This is usually most successful around the holiday season and really can get big once your prior clients keep coming back for yearly portraits.

Also, try advertising a coupon in a local magazine or newspaper. Make sure to include a line telling people to mention the ad when they visit you or to bring the coupon along with them.

Believe it or not, word of mouth referrals are sometimes even better than having an incredible website and spending tons on search engine optimization. When a person has a positive experience with you and your staff of photographers, they usually tell friends and family.

When they do, those people have an extremely high likelihood of contacting you the next time they need a photographer. That said, hustle! Do what you can to promote yourself to friends. Don’t be afraid to ask them to drop your name to anyone looking for a photographer.

Unfortunately, if you want to be a professional photographer you're going to have to be a professional marketer too. No one is saying go to business school or even to take a business class. However, taking a great picture is only the first step. Make sure to implement the strategies we talked about to help you generate more leads and potential customers.

In an overcrowded industry like photography, you have to be a smart marketer to really grow your business. Don’t settle for a meager amount of clients - do your best to go out of your way for your community, offer discounts, prove your value, showcase your work, and make it happen!

Trust us - you can do this! If you belief in yourself, you can go out there and score hundreds of clients a month and continue to build upon your prior successes. So, stop reading this blog and go get some photography clients!